About Us

Our primary goal is to help you achieve your goals. Our innovative and efficient system creates time that allows you to focus on your life’s passions, like spending more time building your business or with your family and friends.


At Alberta Wide Virtual Accounting, we know that entrepreneurs start businesses to pursue their passions. That’s why we used our passion to create a system to make life simpler for small and medium-sized business owners. We make it easy for you to concentrate on doing what you love while knowing that all of your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs are being met with one simple, low monthly fee.


We are Albertans, working in an Albertan company, focusing on Albertan industries. We understand the business landscape and our knowledge, experience, and values will help our local business communities thrive.

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Meet the Team

Bryan Petersen

Entrepreneurship is my passion. I decided to become an accountant to find out what made businesses successful and choosing to become an accountant was the proper and logical choice for me. I still continue to teach new and developing entrepreneurs how to successfully manage and operate their businesses through the Community Futures Entre-Corp Self-Employment Program. This engagement with new business owners stokes my entrepreneurial fire and allows me to remain focused, current, and caring in my profession. I have been in the accounting field for more than 15 years, and there is nothing that brings me and my team more joy than the successes of our clients- their victories become our victories. I love my field, I enjoy what I do, and I strive to be the best that I can. Creating efficiencies within business is my strongest attribute; streamlining processes and making the lives of my clients and myself better is extremely important to me. The system we have created makes life easier for all of our clients. It is the very same system that I use for my own business which allows me to enjoy more of my life with family and friends.

Denica VanderGaast

When I first chose accounting as my specialty in university, it was because the challenge of organizing and balancing numbers into an equation that is black and white appeared to be the perfect career fit for me - offering both stimulation and stability . It was evident early in my career that the personal connections established with passionate entrepreneurs and emerging businesses is the most rewarding aspect. The drive of business owners to achieve their dreams and reach their goals is contagious and to be part of the journey is an honour. My objective is to offer accounting solutions that are accurate and effortless so that the financial position of your company is always clear and you are equipped with the tools to take your business to the next level.

Nadine Plunkett

Why did I become a bookkeeper? Bookkeeping gives me the opportunity to improve people's lives by giving them peace of mind. I can ensure that all clients' bookkeeping needs are being taken care efficiently AND accurately. I am confident that clients can rely on me and in the service that I provide. In turn, I strive to ensure that they are confident in my ability to respond to any issue or situation with a positive and reassuring reply. I take pride in exceeding client expectations through my expertise and dedication. “Peace of Mind” is a good feeling for everyone involved and I am happy to help people by making their lives simpler. Clients have an expectation for results and, with me, they know they have somebody advocating for them and helping them to achieve their business goals.

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